Services Provided

Screening and Assessment
Our counselors will sit down with you to complete a thorough assessment of your individual counseling needs. Working together with you, we'll tailor an appropriate treatment plan that addresses your treatment goals so as to bring about your desired result in the most effective and satisfying manner.

Individual Counseling
Counseling involves establishing a solid and healing therapeutic relationship with the client. Using a variety of treatment approaches best suited to individual goals, counseling helps to tap into the client's inner resources and community supports to achieve healing, wholeness and balance. During the counseling experience, the client's feedback is continually encouraged to insure that the counselor is always focusing on present needs and goals.

Marriage and Couples Counseling
Whether you're married or living together as partners, your relationship at any given point in time is about how well you are relating. A relationship is like a garden that needs continual tending and care. A well tended garden, like a well tended relationship, will flourish and yield a fruitful harvest. Conversely, a neglected garden or relationship will soon begin to wither and die. Our counselors help your relationship flourish and grow.

Substance Abuse Counseling
Our state certified substance abuse counselors work with adults, families and teens who are struggling with alcohol and other drug abuse. Often working in tandem with social workers and schools, our counselors help clients heal their addictive behavioral and thinking patterns while creating a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

Group Counseling
Participants share experiences and problem-solve, enhanced knowledge base and skill building is emphasized. Group support often extends to the community.

Family Participation
Provided as part of appropriate treatment services.

Drug Testing
Assists in maintaining abstinence; provides opportunities for therapeutic intervention; provides feedback on treatment progress.

Employee Assistance Program
Helps to manage issues adversely impacting work and personal life.

Referral and Other Assistance
When we're unable to provide the specific services needed by individuals or families, we make prompt referrals to the appropriate agencies.

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